Monday, September 6, 2010

No Laboring for Mommy and Daddy Today

Happy Labor Day!

At first when I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about Labor Day I got a little excited because I thought that meant that today I would get to meet them... but then I heard a lot of other people talking about Labor Day so I kinda figured out that it was not about me. Today Mommy went and got a calf and foot massage which made it a lot easier for her to walk so I was not as sea sick as I have been lately.

Both Mommy and Daddy had a very quiet Labor Day and just relaxed. Mommy caught up on some e-mails and tv shows and Daddy watched football. I think I would have enjoyed watching football more than the sappy tv shows that Mommy was watching. Daddy told Mommy that she was subjecting me to bad tv....... Days of Our Lives, 90210 reruns, Lifetime and TLC. Some of the shows I kinda like but I wont tell Daddy!

Daddy is now upstairs working on his computer and Mommy is ready for bed. We would like to wish our very good friend Kristyn Breaux a heartfelt congratulations on the birth of her baby girl Olivia - who did indeed arrive on Labor Day.

Good Night
Evan Rhys

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