Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to Mt. Charleston we go!

Today Mommy took me to Mt. Charleston to see the beautiful Wedding of Sheri and John! It was the first time since I have been inside Mommy that I have been nice and cool. I think she should take me up there more often. I kicked a lot today and I also did a somersault during the ceremony. Its easy for me to let Mommy know when I am tired or need to stretch, and right now it's still pretty easy for me to move around in here.

Daddy was reading on Baby Center that pretty soon it Mommy wont feel me as much as she has been . I hope that does not happen because I like it when Mommy knows I'm here. Like right now, I just gave her a little poke!

One of Mommy's friends, Rachel, told her that one of her favorite things about being pregnant is that she felt like she was never alone. Mommy loves this advice because I think it makes her talk to me more!

Well tomorrow is Labor Day, but I don't think that means that Mommy will be in labor. Well let's hope not because I am still nice and warm and have a lot of growing to do. Baby Center told Mommy and Daddy that I will start to have a growth spurt this month - I wonder how big I am going to get? Maybe everyone should start to guess how much I am going to weigh when I am born!

Who wants to be the first to guess on my blog?

Happy Labor Day to all!
Evan Rhys

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