Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daddy's Ready... But Not Quite Ready for Poop

Daddy is really ready to meet me but he doesn't really know how small I am going to be so Auntie Melissa sent Daddy some pictures of him holding my cousin Aidan when he was only 8 days old. Here is one of my favorite pictures..... Ok everyone just so you remember, this is not me, this is my cousin Aidan.
Daddy keeps looking at these pictures and keeps saying "I just don't remember him being that small." I am really excited to meet Daddy, he keeps finding all kinds of new things for me and he is already planning out all of the places we are going to go and the people we are going to see.

He keeps talking about this day called Halloween and how if Mommy goes to the hospital on Halloween he thinks it would be funny if Mommy dressed up as a pregnant nun and Daddy as Satin to go to the hospital.

I really don't know what that really means, but he laughs when he says it so it must be funny.

I think the one thing that Daddy is really not ready for is my poop. Everyone keeps telling him that he will get use to my poop and it won't be that bad. I think Mommy is going to have to buy him a mask so he can change my poop. Now that would be funny! Does anyone have any advise for my Daddy about how to get him ready for my poop? We would love some advice!

Well good night for now!

Evan Rhys


  1. Your great Christie!!! Love the follow me baby site!!! So very creative. Congrats on the upcoming HAPPY BIRTHDAY of your BABY. GOOD LUCK to the both of you and Happy Parenting!! Would change it for the world!!

  2. ****WOULDN'T Change it for the world*** oops my bad. hahh

  3. your friend is mocking you on a message board

  4. cowsrfun29 - thank you so much for this information. it's too bad that people just can't read it for what is is and if they don't like it... don't read it.

  5. After the circumcision, you'll have to use Vaseline in the area. Be careful of leakage since Vaseline repels liquid. Okay, so that wasn't a helpful tip but I just remember my sister complaining about leakage after the boy's circumcision.

    Oh yeah, newborn poop doesn't smell (unless you're on formula I think). It doesn't smell until they move to solid foods. But it will be mushy and soft. Have Justin stay calm and take it one step at a time. Derek still freaks out so tell him not to feel bad. haha

    Wow, people are so rude. Yeah, ignore that message board.