Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did we go today?

Well if I knew what a roller coaster felt like I would say I was on one today! Mommy and Daddy ran lots of errands today and there were so many funny noises. First we all went to lunch and Daddy really must like pepper and Tobasco sauce because that is all I smelled throughout lunch. Mommy had something creamy and very tasty (Clam Chowder) but we both got full really quickly - so I kicked her in the ribs! Sometimes she says "ouch" but then sometimes she just moves around or puts her hand on my head to try to move me around... ha ha ha sometimes it's my little butt but she thinks its my head!

We went to lots of places today and I went through the same ex-ray machine that a lot of bad people go through when they are going to court. I think they said we were at the Clark County Courthouse. We did not see the court rooms because Daddy went to get some paperwork done because is starting a new business, and I think one day I might have fun helping him out!

Then Mommy and Daddy drove home and I heard Mommy say that she wanted to have Daddy's last name before I am born so she went and did that.

I did a lot of moving and lots of kicking today. I think that Mommy likes it because it lets her know that I am ok in here! Daddy just keeps rubbing Mommy's tummy and keeps talking to me... I like his voice. Last night I made Mommy get up about 14 times to go potty and I think I might do it again tonight!!!

Good night friends and family,
Love Evan Rhys

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